Working Groups

GLOS is uniquely positioned to facilitate working groups and promote collaboration among Great Lakes entities. As a non-profit organization, GLOS is dedicated to building bridges and bringing together data users and data providers in ways that are supportive of policy and decision making.

Lake Michigan Modeling and Forecasting Working Group

The Lake Michigan Modeling and Forecasting Working Group provides an opportunity for managers, modelers, and users of model outputs to work collaboratively to help improve decision making as well as the usefulness and functionality of models. Working group activities bring together existing management priorities in the region and work to address identified needs.

Some intended outcomes of the working group are to improve the ability to implement ecosystem-based management, increase the capacity to address lakewide issues, advance the field of modeling, and leverage existing resources and activities to provide information in the most cost effective manner.

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Great Lakes Testbed


The Great Lakes Testbed is a bi-national effort to establish protocols for integrating measurements of chemical, physical, and biological parameters. The Testbed was launched in 2009 as a response to a US-Canada Group on Earth Observations workshop that called for demonstrations to determine what is needed to promote the convergence of observation networks, systems and sensors across international borders. Under the leadership of USGS and Environment Canada, the Great Lakes partnership includes representatives from many U.S. and Canadian agencies that have a role in the collection and exchange of information in the Great Lakes. GLOS is developing the data management and communications framework for the testbed.

The Great Lakes Testbed meets semi-regularly, usually quarterly via teleconference. The Testbed is seeking participation from interested parties.
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