Data Collection & Integration

The GLOS Data Portal provides access to real-time and historic data throughout the Great Lakes. Once data is submitted to GLOS, it becomes publicly available to the larger Great Lakes community, benefiting data users and decision makers in the Great Lakes managing:

• navigation and shipping
• public safety/rip currents
• alternative energy
• water quality issues

GLOS helps improve data access and integration by providing the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and other international standards-based data management services. The GLOS Data Management team works to:

• Establish protocols to improve data retrieval, standardization, storage and delivery.
• Coordinate and facilitate the distribution of data and information to and from GLOS, other observing systems, and data users.
• Engage users and develop customized products that are easy to access and user-friendly.

Photo courtesy of Ed Verhamme