GLOS publications include strategic planning documents, outreach materials and research publications.

Strategic Planning Documents

We envision a fully integrated, bi-national observing system that provides products and services to decision-makers, resource managers and other data users. With input from members and partners, GLOS works to foster understanding and inform decision making in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River System. The Blueprint for Decision Making and the GLOS Enterprise Architecture Report outline our vision and plan for the future.

GLOS Blueprint and GLOS Planning Process

To learn more about our organizational structure, planning and prioritization process, download the GLOS Blueprint and the GLOS Planning Process slides.

The Great Lakes Observing System Enterprise Plan

Building on the components of the existing system, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab and key regional partners including the US Geological Survey, US EPA, the Integrated Ocean Observing System, and the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) initiated the development of a conceptual design and implementation plan of an enterprise architecture. The enterprise architecture unifies and structures the in-place components and lays out the strategy for further development and expansion. The design and planning were conducted in collaboration with a broad consortium of public and private partners who provided technical review and support. To learn more about the Enterprise Architecture plan, download the document.

Annual Report 2015

GLOS issues an annual report that features projects, maps and budget information.