New Great Lakes Observing System Logo Introduced

ANN ARBOR, Mich. October 8, 2015 The Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) introduced a new logo at the end of their annual general membership meeting this week. The artwork will appear in print and web applications.

"We had the opportunity to piggyback our own rebranding efforts on to work done by the Integrated Ocean Observing System," said Kristin Schrader, communications manager at GLOS. "By using complimentary colors and the research into what people feel when they think about observing, we were able to work with a talented designer to realize our role in the community through this artwork."

GLOS will phase in the new logo as materials are replaced. 

"Our organization is entering the year of its tenth anniversary" offered Kelli Paige, GLOS's executive director. "The logo rework is the first of several things we'll do to celebrate the achievements of GLOS, our members and our network. We'll also have a nicely updated website soon, and we'll be offering several events to enhance the data sharing community throughout the year."



The GLOS meeting at which the logo was introduced hosted guests from around the Great Lakes Basin, as well as representatives from the Intergreated Ocean Observing System and The Intergrated Ocean Observing System Association. Speakers shared experiences on specific projects, such as harmful algal blooms, and on more theoretical topics including how to build a data sharing community.