Great Lakes Model Inventory

Disclaimer: All products published on this website are prototype products and are not intended to be used for navigational or operational purposes. Due to atmospheric or other conditions, latest data may not always be available. View the full disclaimer.


The Model Inventory allows users to search for models, applications, people, and organizations that address ecosystem health, marine operations, public health and water security, and measuring and adapting to climate change. Reviews of modeling and assessment tools are provided and some direct access to models. With content developed and managed by the Great Lakes modeling community, the inventory serves as a dynamic tool to facilitate information sharing and promote a regional modeling community of practice.


How to use the inventory:

To search all records, simply type a keyword into the search box or refine your search with categories in the advanced search. A list of matching models and applications along with short descriptions will be generated for you to review. Click on model to find out more information about it, including general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, data requirements, contact information and references, as well as a list of applications that use the model.

Great Lakes Model Inventory
Screen Capture of the Great Lakes Model Inventory Tool