Data Catalog

Disclaimer: All products published on this website are prototype products and are not intended to be used for navigational or operational purposes. Due to atmospheric or other conditions, latest data may not always be available. View the full disclaimer.


The Data Catalog is a centralized location for exploring and acquiring real-time and historic data. Through the Data Catalog, users are able to access data served by GLOS and provide links to non-GLOS data sources. Users can retrieve custom subsets of some of the data based on time, location, measurement type, and data source. In addition to accessing data, additional available information is provided for each of the datasets on a summary page.


How to Use the Data Catalog:

To search for records, simply type a keyword into the search box and/or indicate one or more of the following: parameter, agency, geography or time period of the requested dataset. Once the search is submitted, a results list will show the available datasets including the source of the dataset and available instant data downloads. To find more information, each dataset has a summary page that provides details of individual records, information on the data source, data characteristics and also provides multiple download options.


Screen Capture of the Data Catalog