Data Portal

Disclaimer: All products published on this website are prototype products and are not intended to be used for navigational or operational purposes. Due to atmospheric or other conditions, latest data may not always be available. View the full disclaimer.

The GLOS Data Portal provides access to near-realtime and archived observations and to model forecasts for the Great Lakes. This includes lake conditions, water levels, wave heights, air and water temperatures and more. Receive updates from the station or buoy of your choice, and even download data from the site.

  • Provides an overview of instrumentation.
  • Provides a summary of recent observations.
  • Is map- and chart-oriented, and is aimed at a broad, general audience.
  • Presents satellite data and model forecasts in a user-friendly way.
  • Provides access to STORET and other non-realtime data.


Screen Capture of the Data Portal
Screen Capture of the GLOS Data Portal