Current Members Spring 2015

Current GLOS Members, Spring 2015

Supporting Members

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, Great Lakes WATER Institute

Val Klump

Associate Members - Organizations

Applied Science Associates

Buffalo State College Great Lakes Center

Conservation Ontario

Council of Great Lakes Industries

Great Lakes Commission

Great Lakes Research Consortium, SUNY-ESF

Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Cities Initiative

Fondriest Environmental Inc.

International Joint Commission


NY Sea Grant

Regional Science Consortium

University of Minnesota Duluth, Large Lakes Observatory

USGS Midwest Region


Associate Members - Individuals

Jay Austin

Gregory Boyer

Mark Burrows

John Carey

Matthew Child

Peter Esselman

Carolyn Foley

Nancy Frank

Norma Froelich

Kim Gavine

Edward Howell

Todd Howell

Glen Hudgin

Thomas Johengen

Kelly Knee

Wendy Leger

John Lenters

Karl Luttrell

Martha Maier

Guy Meadows

Adam Mednick

Tracy Mehan

Benjamin Miller

Eric Obert

Jennifer Read

Mike Sayers

Jeanette Schnars

Robert Shuchman

David Schwab

Daniel Thompson

David Ullrich

Lizhu Wang